Inhoud ICT-cursus Amazon Web Services Solution Architect Associate

Inhoud van de ICT-cursus Amazon Web Services Solution Architect Associate | De Kantooropleider

Tijdens de ICT-cursus Amazon Web Services Solution Architect Associate worden de volgende onderdelen behandeld:

AWS Primer
Discover how standard IT technologies can be mapped to cloud equivalents in the AWS environment. Explore cloud computing models, global infrastructure, hypervisors, virtual machines, container services and more.

AWS Storage Solutions
Explore the various reliable storage options such as S3 storage, Amazon Glacier, EC2 Instance Storage, and AWS Snowball that are available in AWS. These options can be used for backup, archiving, and disaster recovery.

Loose Coupling
Discover best practices and techniques used to design decoupling mechanisms using AWS services. Explore Synchronous and Asynchronous Decoupling, Simple Queue Service (SQS), Amazon Simple Workflow Service (SWF), and Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS).

Architecting for the Cloud
Explore AWS architectures and the multi-tiered architectural patterns available for microservices, mobile back ends, and public websites.

High Availability
Explore the various AWS features available for designing highly available and fault tolerant systems in the cloud.

Database Managed Services
AWS offers a range of purpose-built databases to use with well-architected applications. Explore relational, non-relational, data warehousing, in-memory data store, and graph databases.

Caching stores previously retrieved or computed data, allowing it to be quickly accessed during future requests. Explore the various caching options available in AWS.

Scalability and Elasticity
Explore the various high availability solutions that can be used to design a well-architected AWS framework. Examine scaling, elasticity, and load balancing.

Architecture Security
Discover architectural best practices for securing AWS data and applications, including data classification, encryption, and tokenization.

Virtual Private Cloud
Amazon Virtual Private Cloud enables AWS resources to be launched in their own isolated virtual network. Examine the benefits of implementing an Amazon VPC.

Optimizing Storage
Explore the AWS cost optimization techniques and tools used to obtain a balance between availability, durability, and performance.

Optimizing Compute Resources
Explore best practices and techniques used to design a cost-optimized compute architecture.

Managing AWS
Explore the various management tools available that can be used to provision, monitor, and automate a cloud environment using AWS.

Amazon Machine Images
Amazon Machine Images (AMI) are used to create virtual machines in AWS. Explore the various best practices and techniques to follow when implementing AMI’s.

Auto Scaling
EC2 auto scaling is a feature that monitors EC2 instances and adjusts capacity to ensure consistent and predictable performance. Explore the basics of auto scaling and auto scaling groups.

Amazon CloudFront and Route 53
Amazon CloudFront is a content delivery network (CDN) service used to delivery content to end users. Discover how to configure, distribute, and secure content using CloudFront.

Building and Managing AWS Solutions
Explore the design principles for a well architected framework in AWS, with focus on serverless workloads.

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