Inhoud ICT-cursus AZ-203 Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure

Inhoud van de ICT-cursus AZ-203 Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure | De Kantooropleider

Tijdens de ICT-cursus AZ-203 Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure worden de volgende onderdelen behandeld:

Azure Cloud Technology Solutions
Explore the advantages of Azure Cloud Technology Solutions

Common Application Design & Connectivity Patterns
Discover how to identify the right Application Design & Connectivity Patterns

Storage Solutions
Explore various storage solutions

Storage Tables
Explore concepts and utilization of Storage Tables

Cosmos DB Storage Solutions
Explore the architecture and Cosmos DB Storage Solutions

File Storage Solutions
In this course you learn about File Storage Solutions

Relational Database Solutions
Examine how to implement a Relational Database Solutions

Blob Storage Solutions
Explore the features of Blob Storage Solutions

Caching & Content Delivery Solutions
Explore CDN architecture, using CDN

PaaS Web Applications
Explore how to implement different PaaS Web Applications

Creating Mobile Apps
Explore how to implement various Mobile Apps

Working with Azure Logic Apps
Discover the needs and benefits of Azure Logic Apps

Working with Azure Service Fabric
Explore the features and benefits of Azure Service Fabric

Working With Azure Functions
Learn to implement various types of Azure Functions

Azure Batch & Scheduling Bulk Operations
Explore how to implement Azure Batch & Scheduling Bulk Operations

Kubernetes Service Solutions
Explore the architecture of Kubernetes, usage scenarios of Azure Container Service (ACS) and Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS), and learn to deploy ACS and AKS solutions to gain scalability and reliability.

Media Services Solutions
Discover the use of Azure Media Solutions

Implementing Authentication & Access Control
Evaluate and implement various Authentication & Access Control settings

Implementing Secure Data Solutions
Explore the essential mechanisms of Secure Data Solutions

Advanced Scalability Using Azure
Implement advanced scaling Using Azure

Advanced Security & Integration Using Azure Services
Plan and design advanced security using Azure Services

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