Inhoud ICT-cursus Skype for Business

Inhoud van de ICT-cursus Microsoft Teams | De Kantooropleider

Tijdens de ICT-cursus Skype for Business voor eindgebruikers worden de volgende onderdelen behandeld:

New Features, Profile, and Contacts

  • Recognize the new look and feel of Skype for Business
  • Use and recognize the Call Monitor feature
  • Recognize and use the improved call controls
  • Use the emoticons
  • Recognize the File Transfer Preview feature and the available options
  • Identify the steps to configure presence options
  • Recognize and configure the location feature
  • Configure picture options including hiding, showing, editing, or removing a picture
  • Add internal and external contacts
  • Create a group, add contacts, and delete an existing group
  • Identify the steps to access contact cards and available options
  • Configure how the contact list displays, order options, and which information is displayed
  • Configure your presence and location, add contacts, and create a new group

Calls, IMs, and Meeting features

  • Complete the steps to configure an audio device and configure audio options
  • Identify the steps to make a call and using the call controls
  • Identify how to answer a call, transfer a call, and forward calls
  • Recognize the steps to send an IM, including sending a file or image, using emoticons, and configuring the message as high priority
  • Identify the steps to send instant messages to multiple contacts or groups at once
  • Use IM options, including adding audio and video, sharing files, and toggling between conversationsI
  • Identify the steps to configure IM options including spelling, copying, tabbed conversations, and font options
  • Schedule a Skype for Business meeting using Outlook and configure meeting options
  • Create and configure options for an unscheduled meeting using the Meet Now option
  • Identify methods to join a scheduled meeting including using the Meetings option in Skype for Business, from an Outlook meeting request and from a meeting reminder
  • Configure meeting conversation options including choosing a layout, using full screen, and the pop out and pop in options
  • Add participants to a meeting, configure participant actions, record a meeting, and manage recordings
  • Use the present desktop and present programs sharing options and sharing a PowerPoint presentation
  • Configure a Skype for Business meeting in Outlook

Sharing, Collaboration, and Video Calls

  • Identify the steps to share OneNote notes, including using existing notes and creating new notes
  • Sare and use the whiteboard feature
  • Recognize the steps required to share files and pictures in an IM conversation or meeting
  • Configure who will have access to downloading files that are shared
  • Use the polling feature including creating a poll
  • Identify the steps to give control or take away controls from other users while presenting
  • Recognize the steps to set up a video device and access and configure advanced settings
  • Identify the steps to start a video call and use video controls
  • Recognize the steps to answer a video call, ignore the call, and use other available options
  • Describe the steps to start a video meeting and manage participants using participants actions options
  • Identify the steps to include a video in an instant message conversation and recognize the available options such as “Stop My Video” and “End Video”
  • Identify the steps to share a file in an IM conversation, share the whiteboard, and create a poll
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